कधी ह्या हृदयाचे ऐकुन घे ना....

शब्द बोलतात ते कळतं सार्यांना
शब्द ते बोलतात हृदयाशी
पण कधी पाहिलंस का
डोळ्यांना ही काही सांगायचे

I’m gonna loose Cathy soon.

My name is George Stevenson. I met Cathy Lawry in the High school. She was a pretty girl. Her eyes were in blue color and had a nice long blond hair. We were in same age too.  I was fascinating about her and we became very good friends in months. After one year of friendship, we became lovers. Cathy meant everything to me, since then.

After I came out the High school, I had to find out a job. I did many jobs but I couldn’t find a fare job for me. So...I didn’t have money in my pocket.  But Cathy never said a word about it. She always did courage me for find a job. At the time, I noticed that couples of rich guys were tailing on Cathy. But she never gave a even any damn look about them. She was always stick with me. I was really happy about her love. That was the only thing I got.

I Thought to Make a Distance :( :(

I always thought I deserved better in everything. But most of the time I was not that much lucky to have anything. Although things happened like that, my heart not ready to accept that reality, so I was trying in anything which wanted to achieve, even if it’s so hard or painful. But eventually, I've been drained of the energy to hold on.

I Have a Goal and that's YOU!!

In your eyes is so much of what I said.

You're the girl that belongs to me,
I only live for you.

My Father Had a Girl Friend

Once upon a time, my father had a girl friend who, he loved very much. But they were only very best friends. He always knew that she had another boy to marry. But my father and she were keeping talk with each others as much as they could.

But sometime she was telling, bad things about her fiancé, sometimes she was telling…

“I regret about my fiancé, I feel so sorry about myself, I never should have loved him, but I can’t do anything about this now, it’s too late”. 
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